A united vision and voice for prevention


Supporting Prevention professionals & 

Promoting Prevention Science

Leading efforts to put prevention at the forefront of the public agenda. 


Advancing prevention science as an effective and recognized field of human services. 

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Training & Education

Providing prevention professionals with the tools for successful prevention. 


Arizonans for Prevention is an organization that serves as the voice of prevention working with a statewide network of prevention coalitions, providers and supporters. We are a vision and voice for prevention in Arizona.

Our mission is to encourage the development, implementation and sustainability of quality prevention services throughout Arizona. Our goals include advocacy, collaboration, and professional development and support. 

Preventionists come together with Arizonans for Prevention to have a unified message and collaborate with each other for prevention. Arizonans for Prevention offers credential and membership opportunities to encourage support and development for prevention professionals. Upon the cohesion of all of the above, it is our goal to fulfill our vision of fostering strong, healthy individuals, families and communities through prevention.